The Ultimate Hand Crafted Patio Style Cooler Cabinet


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  • length: 46 "
  • width: 22 "
  • height: 48 "
Dimensions and weight are approximate and may vary slightly

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Made from repurposed authentic Pennsylvania Hemlock barnwood milled from around the turn of the 20th century. This wood has been kiln-dried with minimal processing to protect the great historic significance. The wood was sourced from central Pennsylvania Amish country.

  • The stand and hardware is made from solid steel piping and wrought iron. This is solid American Craftsmanship with only high-quality material and fasteners. You won’t find this kind of quality at IKEA!
  • This unit is weather resistant and the exterior is protected with a polyurethane finish to protect the wood from moisture and stains.

Purchase includes a brand-new YETI 45 Tundra Cooler and Large Copper Trough

  • Comes with a Brand New YETI Tundra 45 cooler which is locked into position for perfect closure alignment.
  • Mounted wrought-iron vintage bottle opener and catch pan.

The barnwood and your floor is protected from moisture

  • The interior of the cabinet is constructed with high-grade plywood which is covered with galvanized aluminum for a great moisture barrier.
  • There is a drain in the bottom of the cabinet should any ice or liquid spill outside of the cooler and can be caught by trough or connected to a hose. The bottom of the interior is also silicone sealed so that no liquid will leak outside of the cabinet and into the barnwood.

Equipped with Dual Hydraulic Cylinders

  • The hydraulic cylinders are finely sized so that the heavy lid opens with very little effort and remains comfortably open until a slight downward pull on a closure ring easily closes the lid.

Equipped with Auto On/Off Bright LED Lights

  • The cabinet is equipped with bright LED 110v lights that automatically actuate on and off with a mounted pressure switch.
  • You can see the cooler contents in full ambient darkness!

Easy Cooler Drain!

  • The cooler cabinet is equipped with a special valve which makes draining the cooler very easy. Simply remove the cap and turn the fitting a quarter turn to empty the cooler.
  • Drain the cooler into the included trough for safe disposal or easily connect a hose and route the water anywhere you’d like!

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