Rustic yet fine.

Melding these two components in everything we make is our mission. It’s all about taking pride in designing and developing high-quality products while keeping the historical nature of the materials preserved in a beautiful new way. We’re not afraid of integrating modern technology and conveniences – when meshed together by a master craftsman, technology and historical beauty function smoothly together.

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Reclaimed Barnwood

Each of our creations is an individualized piece of art. Barnwood is sourced specifically for each project. The barnwood pictured represent typical examples of what is available but is not guaranteed to be available for every project. Each project will have variations of color and texture and pictures of wood products are sent to the buyer for approval prior to construction.

Custom Projects

We are ready to work with you on your custom furniture project.

Just fill out our custom quote request form and tell us about your project needs.

We will contact you to coordinate the design, construction and shipping.

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